August 11st 2010

Today we went shopping which should have immediately alerted my suspicions. Even when Adam didn’t mind me going to monsoon for 2 hours! After shopping home for a bath and relax…

‘lets go out for dinner’ Adam suggested

‘As long as I can wear my dress’ I said I didn’t mind where.

We went to The Muse in Southend on Sea famed for their cocktails and fantastic food, two cocktails then a Taxi to Toulusee on the sea front, brand new restaurant rave review food in little tower kinds of place. Very nice. After stuffing my face with all the amazing food Adam suggested that we walk back to town, I moaned that I was full and asked to get a taxi. Adam ran out the restaurant and I could see him on the phone outside wondering what all the fuss was about I ordered another drink and waiting for him to come back, he paid the bill and pulled me out my seat. Up the cliffs we climbed, Adam would tell me later that he wouldn’t of have to rush me or walk quiet so far if 1. The sun had set later and 2. There weren’t kids drinking Strongbow in the spot he picked out a week before.  We stopped Adam put his arms out for what I thought was a cuddle and then dropped to his knees. After I stopped flapping like a rom-com clique I saw the ring. Not sure if he actually said the words but I knew the answer.

After seeing Adam’s Mum and My parents and calling every person in my phone book to tell them the news we went home.

The next morning I woke up early and went to WHSmiths to buy as many wedding magazines as I could carry! Found the best magazines were the 2.99 ones that had more practical and realistic  ideas and budgets, with great two page spreads of all different colour schemes with dresses, invites, table decorations in all the right colours, very helpful. The Cosmo Brides and Vogue Brides although beautiful and wallet trembling dream worthy, were unrealistic for a Bride getting married on a budget, soon ditched those and became a slave to Dream Weddings  and Real Weddings.