September 14th 2010

Today we are going round to a few different venues. First on the list is the cheapest option; The registry office.  I would like to say that I went in without blinkers and open to the idea of getting married there.

I’m sure that there are amazing registry office locations across the country, but our nearest office Southend On Sea was tatty and Red (Not my chosen colour scheme) The other one near to us was for about 14 people having a very large family this would have just about covered my Aunties and Uncles alone. No good. On we went to a Hotel, The Rochford Hotel about 2 miles outside Southend Town Centre. Cue the dream music. It was perfect, wonderful gardens a beautiful wedding pavilion, big airy and well lit conservatory for food and dancing. It got better package included Three rooms including the Bridal Suite, Complimentary Champagne for all your guest during the photo’s,  In house DJ and best of all, all in one place. No extra expense of wedding cars and trying to organise getting people from one place to another which was something we thought would save more money and organisation.

It was booked. We told only a few people, and even then not the date.