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Wedding anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Today is 10th February which means it’s our sister’s and our wedding anniversary. Yes that’s right we were wed on the same date but not the same day:) We were both brave enough to face British winter. Sarah got married in the rain and we were married in thick snow and freezing temperatures. Of course we filmed her wedding video. I was the bridesmaid and wedding videographer haha. Getting married is always an amazing experience whichever time of year you choose. With your friends and family around you can always make it fun and memorable, even in the snow! We film weddings all year round and love it. Happy anniversary sis x

Louise & Nick

Wedding Check List

To help you plan your special day we have compiled a month by month check list, the devil is in the detail.

Twelve or more months to go…

  • Set a date.
  • Set a budget.
  • Start thinking of guest numbers.
  • Look for an ideal venue/Book venue.
  • Think of themes and colours for your day.
  • Think of styles for your dress. Are you going to have it made or buy from a bridal shop.
  • Choose your bridesmaids, ushers etc.
  • Choose your videographer – Take time to look at samples of a videographers work. How long does the videographer take to respond to your emails, this will give you a good indication as to how dedicated the videographers are to their work. We would recommend to choose a small wedding video company so you know who is coming to be filming and editing your film.
  • Choose a photographer – same advice as choosing a videography company. Look at their portfolio, testimonials etc.
  • Choose your DJ and any entertainment. This will look great in the wedding video.
  • Book a caterer.
  • Remember to pay your deposits or your bookings can not be guaranteed.
Six months to go…
  • Buy your dress.
  • Start putting down deposits.
  • Order invitation cards, place cards and thank you notes.
  • Select bridesmaids and attendants outfits.
  • Have fittings.
  • Register the marriage with your local authority.
  • Meet with your priest, pandit or official  to discuss the ceremony.
  • Get wedding insurance.
  • No need to buy a licence have your wedding filmed any reputable wedding video company will take care of this for you.
Five months to go…
  • Send out your invitations  (give an RSVP address, telephone number and email.)
  • Order your wedding cake.
  • Arrange transport for your bridal party.
  • Reserve the equipment you are hiring (chairs, tables, marquee.)
  • Finalise all bookings.
  • Have a site visit at your venue.
  • Create a seating plan.
  • Book your honeymoon – renew/ammend passport and take any vaccinations if needed.
Three months to go…
  • Finalise the guestlist.
  • Order your floral arrangements.
  • Buy or make your favours.
  • Select your reception menu and have a tasting.
  • Arrange the drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic.)
  • Arrange delivery of bridal outfits.
  • Have a final fitting and and make any last alterations.
  • Go for make-up and hair trials.
  • Choose your make-up artist and hair stylist.
  • Choose your wedding rings.
  • Choose gifts for your groom, bridal party and family members.
  • Create the order of service for the ceremony.
  • Choose who will be reading at your ceremony. This is a nice touch especially to watch back on your wedding video. Choose people that are very important to you. For our wedding in February we have chose our two fab cousins Claire & Lauren.
Two months to go…
  • Reconfirm all bookings. If you choose The Wedding Catchers there is no need to reconfirm, you can trust your booking is guaranteed.
  • Plan your honeymoon (confirm hotel bookings, transfers and excursions.)
  • Order your guest book and and start a gift diary to keep a note of gifts received.
  • Book your hotel suite for the first night.
  • Make your hotel room reservations for people coming from abroad.
One month to go…
  • Have your Hen night.
  • Have a final meeting with your suppliers – Any reputable wedding videographer will offer to meet you to visit your venue and discuss your day in more detail.
  • The Wedding Catchers plan your day in detail and will send you a questionnaire to inform us about all the timings of your day. Any good wedding video company will do the same.
  • Create a playlist of music for the ceremony and reception. Choose your first dance song.
  • Collect outfits for the bridal party and have a last fitting.
  • Confirm marriage licence.
Two weeks, nearly there…
  • Arrange home and address change.
  • Re-confirm seating plan for the venue.
  • Re-confirm reception menu.
  • Confirm drinks order.
  • Confirm transport.
One week, remember don’t bite your nails…!
  • Wrap groom’s and bridal party’s gifts.
  • Pack for the honeymoon.
  • Notify bridal party of wedding rehearsal. Your wedding videography company may want to attend the ceremony rehearsal. This is so the wedding videographers can meet the priest.
  • Go over the final details of the ceremony and reception with all parties involved.
One day, tomorrow is the big day…
  • Have a manicure and pedicure.
  • Collect wedding cake (have it delivered to the venue or a designated person.)
  • Attend wedding rehearsal some times this is one week before your day.
  • Have your wedding outfits steamed.
  • Give ushers a copy of the guest list.
  • Have one of your bridesmaids make an emergency kit for the wedding day. ( you should include safety pins, needle and thread, make-up, panty hose, comb, tissues, painkillers band aids, breath mints etc…)
  • Relax and have a long hot bath/shower, which ever you prefer.
The big day itself…
  • Have a light breakfast.
  • Have your hair and make-up done.
  • Change into your bridal outfit.
  • Spend some time with your close family before setting off to the ceremony.
  • Appoint a family member to check ceremony and reception for left items.
  • Savour and enjoy the most exciting day of your life!