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Wedding Dress Shopping 101

Take three types of friends;

The Assertive and honest one;  Maybe annoying on nights out when they drag you from club to club but when wedding dress shopping this friend will be invaluable! Telling the shop staff to get this that the other and keep a lid on the other attendees.

The kind One; The one that will tell you, you like beautiful but maybe the cut  of the dress isn’t right and maybe you should try this one. Won’t tell you, you look fat or ugly as from personal experience this can ruin a whole day. But will be constructive and encourage a positive atmosphere and if you’re lucky enough take you for coffee after! Read more…


October 16th 2010

The  engagement party today ‘The Market Place’ was perfect. Exposed brick work, great furnishings our own private bar and lots of space and tables outside for people to mingle. The party was fantastic. All our family in one room meeting a lot of people of the first time and feeling at ease and so happy. We turned the music down and brought up the lights for our big announcement, the save the date cards had been burning a hole in my handbag all night. ‘Welcome’ Adam said, ‘we just wanted to thank you all for coming, and let you know that in 363 days time, you’ll all be together again at our wedding!’ followed by screams from bridesmaids and handshakes from the men at the bar with their whiskey we went home and waited at least an Hour before tearing into the presents.


September 14th 2010

Today we are going round to a few different venues. First on the list is the cheapest option; The registry office.  I would like to say that I went in without blinkers and open to the idea of getting married there. Read more…


August 11st 2010

Today we went shopping which should have immediately alerted my suspicions. Even when Adam didn’t mind me going to monsoon for 2 hours! After shopping home for a bath and relax…

‘lets go out for dinner’ Adam suggested

‘As long as I can wear my dress’ I said I didn’t mind where. Read more…